From Our Fans 

"I absolutely love it! I found that it balances the oil chemistry of my face, which is especially important for my skin with the changing weather. I enjoy the colouring and texture of the serum during application, it is not 'sticky' which makes it quite nice to apply. The serum I found is the most useful for providing moisture, my face tends to be dry in the fall, and this season I was not ailed with having to deal with eczema. I also found that my pores grew tighter with continued application of the serum."

 - Brianna, ON


"I love the texture and the scent, my skin feels wonderfully soft."

- Wendy, ON


"I really liked the cleanser especially the consistency ."

- Beatrice, ON


"I loved that the whole process was in 3 labelled steps. It made it easy to make it a regular regime. So impressed with the small but significant changes in my skin."

- Dakota, ON


"I am impressed with the three product system. I have sensitive skin and only see positive results. My skin feels very smooth and all the products are very light."

- Samantha, ON


"I absolutely love the complete skin care system! My skin has honestly never felt so healthy and fresh. I have always struggled with small under the skin irritations and as soon as I started using all three products my skin totally cleared up. The serum along with the moisturizer provide the perfect balance of moisture without being too oily, not to mention the smell and the texture feel so nice to put on! These products are perfect for dry skin from the winter, but are also light enough for the summer. I would recommend this skincare system to everyone!! I also love knowing that these products are sustainably and ethically sourced. Altilis Beauty is the best!!!"

-Vicki, ON

“I purchased the skincare for my mother who is 77. I don’t see her every week…only about once every three weeks. But after she started using the product for about two months I looked at her and I went, “OMG mom, you look amazing!” And it was all because of the Altilis Beauty products. Her wrinkles had smoothed out. Also, my mother is a freckle face but all of her freckles seemed to have faded and they weren’t as hash. She had been really concerned about her freckles and age spots in the past and now with Altilis Beauty, it’s like reverse aging.”

- Lianne, ON

I absolutely LOVE the Altilis 3 step skin care products. I have been using these products for several months now, and can honestly say that my skin has not been this clear since I was about 12 years old. I have always been self conscious about my skin, but thanks to these products, have a new found confidence in my complexion.

On top of these products being seriously effective, they are made with ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients. Altilis is changing the game for natural skin care!

- Morgan, ON

"I used the body butter and was surprised at how light and fluffy it felt. It moisturized instantly, and my legs stayed soft for two days!! The lip balm is so creamy and melts into your skin, I love it!!"

 - Lianne, ON


"I love this skincare line! I noticed improvements in my skin within a few weeks of using all 3 products. My skin has become less oily, I have less redness in my skin and my severe acne has gone down. I am always excited to wash my face at the end of the day!"

 - Jennifer, ON


"The three products work really well together, and complement one another nicely. Using both a serum and a moisturizer on my face has really made a difference in my skin. I found that my skin stays hydrated better without getting oily, despite my naturally more oily skin type."

 - Nicole, ON


"I think the skincare as a whole is fantastic."

-Chelsea, ON


"I am obsessed with the 3-step skincare system! These products feel absolutely amazing on your skin and have the results to match! After only two weeks of regularly using these products my complexion has started to even out and has noticeable fewer blemishes. I LOVE it!"

- Alexandra, ON

"Use the 1,2,3 system everyday when I’m traveling to deal with harsh hotel water or here at home in Florida where the heat changes my skin condition. Love it!
- Greg, FL


"I'm so happy I'm never using chemical skin care ever again.. breadfruit for life!! Also I usually breakout when I start using new stuff but nothing new has come to the surface yet!! I'm so amazed Kenna."

- Amanda, ON

"Great product. Have tried the body butter so far, and will try the rest of the system once my other product is used up! Great ladies to deal with as well!"

- Cathy, ON

“I have always used 'natural' products on my skin, but this cleanser, serum and moisturizer is in another class, entirely on its own. Light cleanser and cream with an Incredible fresh, rain forest scent. Nothing compares. I love these products!”

- Rachelle, ON

“I first began using the body butter in the winter months. I noticed the benefits almost immediately as I suffer from extremely dry hands and feet at that time of year. Last winter was the first in years that I didn’t have cracked finger tips and heels. I live in Northern Ontario and it gets COLD. I apply the body butter to my hands, arms, feet and legs every night before bed. It absorbs so quickly and is so NON-greasy that I was in love with it right away.”

- Holly, ON

"This cleanser is gentle and easily applied. My skin never feels dried out or irritated after use, which other cleansers often do. 10/10. I love it! My skin was glowing after a month of using this product."

 - Morgan, ON


"The Cleanser is very light and left my face feeling very fresh and not too dry. It has a nice smell and colour and is very easy to apply. Even though my skin usually gets a lot dryer in the Fall/Winter, it feels more moisturized during the day and when I get up!"

 - Stephanie, BC


"I love this serum. The smell is great and it's easy to use. I feel like it really helped balanced my skin's moisture."

- Emma, ON


"This was my first time using a serum. It was a nice addition and helps with moisture levels in my skin."

- Fiona, ON


"I like the smell of the cleanser, colour is nice, and most importantly how my face feels after using it. It's not at all harsh and makes my face feel cleansed (for lack of a better word) and fresh to then put on the serum and moisturizer."

-Esmé, ON


“My daily skin care routine includes both the infloressence serum and moisturizer. I immediately fell in love with these two products! I have always had fairly oily skin but before using the products, I’d recently developed dry patches as well. Since using the serum and cleanser these dry patches have cleared and the products leave my skin feeling healthy and moisturized rather than oily -  friends have even noticed the difference in my skin! The infloressence lip balm is also amazing. I can’t wait to try out some of Altilis Beauty’s other products, next on my list is the breadfruit body butter!”
- Nicole, ON


"The body butter is great for my dry and cracked dishpan hands!"

- Dean, ON


I love your skincare system! The packaging looks great and the cleanser and moisturizer are a great texture and smell amazing. Using all 3 products together leaves my skin very hydrated without feeling oily.

- Stephanie, ON

“I'm so happy I'm never using chemical skin care ever again.. breadfruit for life!! Also I usually breakout when I start using new stuff but nothing new has come to the surface yet!!”

- Amanda, ON

”I am loving the 3 part skin care line! Since I started using it I have noticed a reduction in sun damaged areas. Also great for my dry sensitive skin.”

- Patty, ON

"Would highly recommend these products to all my friends/family. Very effective, simple, and clean. Smell overall is amazing, and I can really see the difference on my skin after using these products for two months."

 - Flora, ON 


"I am beyond impressed. As someone thats struggled with extremely sensitive dry acne prone skin for years I'm always really hesitant about introducing new products to my routine. I also feel like i've tried everything under the sun so I usually don't get very hyped up about what products promise. However I found this line does wonders for my skin, I had next to no patches of dry skin and my acne has cleared up except for the occasional break out. I can honestly say this line of products has worked better for me than anything else I've ever used. Keep up the great work!!!!!"

 - Hannah, NL


"In love with this @altilisbeauty body butter!"

-Alana, ON

“I have been using the InflorEssence Facial Cleanser and InflorEssence Moisturizer from the Altilis Beauty skincare line for roughly 6 months now. I am 58 years old and deal with the changes of aging skin on a daily basis. I realize this is a very common situation for women my age… combination skin that used to be ‘normal to oily’ is now ‘normal to dry’, fine lines because I’ve smiled too much in my life, and to top off the list I have had long term issues with Rosacea.


I wash my face every night before bed and this gentle cleanser makes my face feel so clean and refreshed. I finish with the moisturizer. I love that scent of both - it’s so comforting for sleep! I wash my face in the morning with the same regiment as the evening. Overall, I’ve noticed a reduction in the redness of my skin since I started using these products and my daughter has commented that my laugh lines aren’t as noticeable which is great because I still smile a lot! “

- Holly, ON

"I came across the Altilis Beauty products through their Facebook page. Having been born in the Caribbean and knowing the nutritional benefits of breadfruit, I decided to try their products on my skin. My skin is exposed to direct sunlight year-round and now I have found a product that keeps my face feeling smooth all day long. I also love the Serum!"

- Raquel, Puerto Rico

“The first change I noticed was the actual texture and feel of my skin. I never felt my skin feel like velvet before. The other thing I noticed after about two weeks is that the fine lines around my eyes began to disappear, and after three months, the lines around my mouth were noticeably less. “

- Lianne, ON

”I love Altilis Beauty! I started using the InflorEssence facial cleanser and gel mask at night a little over a month ago it has cleared up my acne. I will never use anything else on my face, I’m excited to try other Altilis Beauty products just ordered InflorEssence moisturizer! “

- Vanessa, ON