Kenna Whitnell

Founder and CEO

As a teenager, Kenna first began experimenting with plant-based ingredients and formulations searching for a natural solution for acne and dry and sensitive skin. Now a fourth-year biochemistry student at the University of Guelph and pursuing an aromatherapist certification, Kenna actively works alongside scientific researchers, natural health product industry leaders and expert consultants to develop high performance, sustainable cosmetics that are good for people and planet. 




Alley Stennett

Marketing and Communications Manager

Alley Stennett is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Altilis Beauty®. With over three years of experience in the field of marketing and communication, Alley has developed a passion for connecting brands to the community.

Alley joined the Altilis Beauty® team in 2018. She has a passion for finding the latest trends in communication and applying it to the Altilis Beauty® brand. When she’s not working, you’ll find her hiking the trails around Hamilton or sampling a menu at a new restaurant!



Flora Chun







Research Associate

Flora has been with the Altilis Beauty® team since the start! No matter what role she takes on, she commits to it with 100% enthusiasm and drive. Currently, Flora is working on research and development and product formulation for upcoming Altilis Beauty® products.

With over four years of experience in biochemistry, and a minor in business, she is able to combine her love of the beauty industry and her passion for science in everything that she does. In her free time, you’ll find Flora out on the patio in uptown Waterloo enjoying the sun with her friends!