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Reasons to Shop Sustainably This Holiday Season

Think of the impact that we can collectively make as a whole if we all tried to do our part to shop more sustainably this holiday season. If you’re new to sustainable shopping, that’s okay! We’ll break down all the reasons why it’s important to make sustainable shopping choices this year.

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Our Commitment to Waste Reduction

Not only do we choose to conduct our business using eco-friendly practices, but we also ensure that we consciously choose ingredients for our products that are not only good for your skin but also are good for the environment. Here are some of the ways that we consciously reduce waste at Altilis Beauty…

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Introducing our InflorEssence Clarifying Gel Mask

We have wanted to release a mask for a long time now and we are so happy that we are finally able to do so. Introducing our InflorEssence Clarifying Gel Mask!

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