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What Are Sunspots And What Can You Do About Them?

One of the more visible aspects of the aging process is the development of sunspots, which are sometimes referred to as liver spots or age spots (although they are the exact same thing). So, what are sunspots and what can you do about them? We’ll explain in our blog post!

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Protecting and Preventing Aging Skin

Skin protection at every age is extremely important to reduce the risk of sun cancer, wrinkles and skin ailments. There is a lot you can do now that will help to protect your skin from the effects of aging in the future. So, read on to find out what happens to your skin as you age and what you can do to prevent damage and protect your skin in the years to come.

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Finding Your Skin Type

Your skin is influenced by a wide variety of factors including genetics, hormones, lifestyle, environment and eating patterns. Luckily, our 3-step skincare system is customizable to fit all skin types. However, in order to be able to customize your skincare routine, you have to fist know which skin type category you fall into. Try out our flow chart to help you determine your skin type:

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