Introducing Our BFF Liquid Foundation

This week marks an exciting new chapter here at Altilis Beauty! We’re excited to announce that this week we launched our first ever cosmetic product...our Breadfruit Flower (BFF) Liquid Foundation. It has been a dream of ours for a long time (even since the very start of Altilis Beauty) to launch a cosmetic line. After spending the first several months developing and launching our skincare line, we knew that we were finally ready to start working on this exciting new project. It has taken a lot of research, a lot of formulating, and a big team effort, but we did it! Introducing our all-natural, organic, cruelty-free and sustainable BFF Liquid Foundation, formulated in 14 beautiful shades.

Our community is always a source of positivity, encouragement and inspiration for us. We try to involve you in everything that we do, because in the end, we are making our products for YOU. This project was no exception. We knew right from the get-go that we wanted to involve our community in this process. This is why we decided to formulate and name our shades after some of the ladies that make the Altilis Beauty community so special. Throughout this process, we have gotten to know each and every one of our shade representatives quite closely. We have learned some of their likes and dislikes, seen their personalities come to light, and discovered what makes each and every one of them unique. And we have to say….they are AMAZING. We can’t wait for you to get to know them too. Find your shade and meet your new best friend forever (BFF):

  1. JENN - Fair with neutral undertones

  2. RACHEL - Fair with red undertones

  3. KENNA - Light with neutral undertones

  4. ANGELA - Light with yellow undertones

  5. MADDY - Light-tan with neutral undertones

  6. GIGI - Tan with yellow undertones

  7. KIEANA - Light-tan with olive undertones

  8. PATTY - Medium with Olive undertones

  9. MELITA - Tan with olive undertones

  10. SHANELLA - Deep with yellow undertones

  11. RIYA - medium-deep with yellow undertones

  12. MATHURAA - Very deep with yellow undertones

  13. RENI - Very deep with warm undertones

  14. NAOMI - Deep with warm undertones

So here you have it, 14 beautiful shades that cover a broad spectrum of skin tones! One of the best things about our foundation is its build-ability. Apply as little or as much as you want (including mixing shades) to obtain the finish and coverage that you desire. Our foundation is soft and silk to touch and provides a flawless application that leaves you feeling hydrated, nourished and confident all day long. To make it easier to find your perfect shade, order your BFF Foundation Sample Pack from the shop which includes 3 free shade samples - free of charge!

We stand by our products 100%, and we always make sure that any product that we release to our community upholds our standards of quality, transparency and sustainability. Our foundation is eco-friendly, sustainable and is free from any synthetic ingredients. Additionally, we make all of our products in house, so we are a part of every step of the manufacturing process. We believe in creating exceptional products using exceptional ingredients. Like the rest of our product line, the main active ingredient in our BFF Liquid Foundation is breadfruit. Breadfruit has very powerful antioxidant, soothing and protective properties for the skin - making it the perfect addition to our foundation.

Find your BFF.