15 Things You Need to Know About Altilis Beauty

1. The main active ingredient in our products is breadfruit (and more specifically, the breadfruit flower), and this is the first time that breadfruit flowers have ever been used in skincare products before.

2. We formulate, design, bottle and label all of our products at our very own manufacturing facility in Cambridge, Ontario.

3. Our CEO discovered the skincare benefits of breadfruit during a research term at The University of British Colombia.  

4. All of our products are hypoallergenic.

5. Altilis is the species name of breadfruit. Hence where our company name, Altilis Beauty, came from.

6. The product line was originally formulated to combat our CEO’s sensitive skin. However, it is beneficial for all skin types, especially aging skin.

7. We obtain all of our breadfruit flowers from micro farmers who live in a small village in Samoa. Learn more about our partnership and our impact here.

8. Our CEO, Kenna, is a young entrepreneur with a ton of ambition. She started Altilis Beauty at just 21 years old. This isn’t even her first company!

9. Our airless pump containers are 100% reusable! Refill it with shampoo, conditioner, oils, or even a clay mask! Here’s a great facial massage oil formulation that you can try.

10.  Our breadfruit ingredient is extracted from the male INFLORESCENCES of breadfruit (male flowers). The resulting extract has a sweet molasses-like scent with citrus top notes - the ESSENCE. Because we get our "essence" from the "inflorescences", we have named our breadfruit skin care products "InflorEssence".

11.  We are not only green and organic, but we are also sustainable and eco-friendly. Green products aren’t necessarily good for the environment. However, here at Altilis Beauty, we ensure that we create products that are both good for your skin and good for the planet.

12.  We are certified as a cruelty-free brand from PETA. We do not believe in animal testing which is why we vow to always uphold cruelty-free standards at our company. We do however test all of our products on ourselves (and beta testers) before launching them.

13.  We constantly research new and potent ingredients from around the world to incorporate into our skincare products. We love the power of plants and are always amazed at their seemingly endless applications for skincare.

14.  Although we mainly focus on skincare products right now, we are in the process of formulating products for a makeup line. We are really excited about this upcoming launch so stay tuned.

15.  We love connecting with our community. Not only are you guys our endless inspiration for new products, but we also love to get your feedback, hear your thoughts on our products, and listen to your stories! Reach out to us at info@altilisbeauty.com.