Protecting and Preventing Aging Skin

Skin protection at every age is extremely important to reduce the risk of sun cancer, wrinkles and skin ailments. There is a lot you can do now that will help to protect your skin from the effects of aging in the future. So, read on to find out what happens to your skin as you age and what you can do to prevent damage and protect your skin in the years to come.

One important thing to remember is that your skin naturally produces a number of beneficial compounds, including ceramides, that protect your cells to keep your skin soft, plump, hydrated and protected. As you age, the production of those naturally occurring substances starts to slow down, affecting the ability to naturally heal and protect the skin. Additionally, as you age, the outer layer of your skin starts to thin out, your skin’s natural elasticity breaks down, it becomes more susceptible to environmental damage, tears easier, takes longer to heal, becomes more susceptible to UV damage. Damage from UVA and UVB rays are the leading cause of aging to the skin and overexposure can lead to sun spots and skin cancer. 

All of these factors combined will contribute to aging skin - increasing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sun spots.

Now don’t go thinking that just because these symptoms haven’t started to manifest on your skin that you’re in the clear. Damage to your skin is happening every single day. It is only how we manage and treat that damage now, that determines how our skin will look as we continue to age. Maintaining a PROACTIVE mindset rather than a REACTIVE mindset is the best way to nourish and protect your skin. The number one way to stay proactive in regards to aging skin is to maintain a healthy skincare routine. But remember - sun damage is the leading cause of aging skin! Without proper sun protection, a good skincare routine can only do so much.

By using skincare products that contain hydrating, antioxidant-rich substances such as the ones found in our Complete Skincare System and our Day Cream 15% Zinc Oxide, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sun spots in the years to come. Part of the reason why these products are so effective are because they contain plant compounds that are naturally occurring in your skin but reduce in production as you age. By supplementing your skin with those compounds through your skincare products, you will retain all the benefits of those compounds as if they were still naturally occurring. For example, look for products that contain Hyaluronic Acid (as found in our InflorEssence Moisturizer). Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and plumps while keeping moisture and water soluble active ingredients locked into your skin. And as we all know - hydrated skin is the best kind of skin!

In addition to naturally occurring substances, our product line contains many antioxidant-rich substances that help to keep your skin looking younger for longer including: breadfruit, Trans-Resveratrol, Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid, hemp seed oil and Kukui nut oil. All of these antioxidants help to scavenge free radicals caused by UV radiation, preventing long term cellular damage that leads to aging. But keep in mind that part of proactive prevention includes sun protection. You should never leave the house in the morning without applying your Day Cream 15% Zinc Oxide.

If it's pigmentation that you struggle with, breadfruit is the solution. A key compound in our unique extract reverses and prevents age spots, sun spots and pigmentation from scarring. 

In the end, aging skin is inevitable. There will come a point in time where we will start to notice wrinkles (or more wrinkles). However, by protecting your skin now and using an effective skincare routine daily, your skin will be happier, healthier and appear younger for much, much longer.