Protect Your Skin This Summer


It’s so easy during the summer to get caught up in the idea of maintaining a glowing tan! However, as our sun’s rays become more powerful each year, and as we learn more and more about the long-term effects of sun damage, that tan you may have strived for in the past may become less and less appealing. We’re sure that this is a message that you’ve heard a hundred times before, but you’re going to hear it once more… it’s so important to protect your skin (and especially your face) from the damaging effects of the sun. Even though a tan make look good for a couple of weeks, the lasting effects of the sun’s radiation is chilling.

So, what happens when UV radiation hits your skin? The sun’s rays contain UV photons that are absorbed into your skin causing chemical reactions to take place. In small quantities, UV rays can be good for you as they contain Vitamin D. However, prolonged UV radiation can cause an inflammatory reaction and photon reaction that can damage your skin cells indefinitely. Damaged skin cells lead to wrinkles and even potentially skin cancer.

Enter breadfruit. While our CEO was conducting research on breadfruit at the University of British Columbia prior to launching Altilis Beauty, she discovered that there is a unique compound in breadfruit flowers called Artocarpin that has been found to possess UVB protective properties. Artocarpin acts as a photo protectant to prevent skin damage by decreasing sunburn cell formation, among other things. Additionally, this compound is a potent antioxidant that helps to protect your skin from UVB damage. After discovering this amazing information, Kenna knew that she needed to create a line of skincare products that contained antioxidant-rich breadfruit flowers. And so, Altilis Beauty was born.

Fast forward to today…. not only do we have a full line of skincare products including our 3-Step Skincare System that all contain this active ingredient (Artocarpin), but we are also currently in the research and development stage of creating a new, 100% plant-based product that we know will be your best friend all summer long! Stay tuned for hints and details in the coming weeks and months!

So, next time you’re laying out on the beach or attending a family BBQ, think about grabbing that SPF first! Your future self will thank you.