Reasons to Shop Sustainably This Holiday Season

There is a reason why sustainability has become a big topic of conversation amongst consumers over the past 10 years. Global warming, an increase in waste, and a depletion of natural resources have become a growing concern in our society…and for a good reason! Choosing to buy sustainable products has never been more important than it is now…. especially during the holiday season. Gift giving around the holidays has become a billion-dollar industry. With that being said, think of the impact that we can collectively make as a whole if we all tried to do our part to shop more sustainably this holiday season. If you’re new to sustainable shopping, that’s okay! We’ll break down all the reasons why it’s important to make sustainable shopping choices this year.

First of all, when we refer to sustainability in the case of skincare (although this is not exclusive to skincare), we are referring to companies who selectively choose ingredients that are natural and produced from a raw material that is renewable. In addition to the ingredients, sustainable companies can also opt for environmentally friendly packaging and manufacturing processes as well. In skincare, often times sustainable products are better for your skin because the ingredients come from natural sources. Altilis Beauty prides itself on using sustainable eco-friendly ingredients, which means that you can rest easy knowing that all of our products are free from harsh and controversial chemicals. Not only is that better for your skin, but it also means that once the products are washed off your skin and enter our water system, they will not harm our environment.

When you buy a sustainable product, you’re not only supporting the company that you purchase from, but you’re also supporting all of the environmental, economic and social initiatives that they are passionate about. For us, that means not only choosing sustainable ingredients, but also choosing ingredients that positively impact the communities from which we source them from. Breadfruit flowers are a very sustainable ingredient to use in skincare for a number of reasons. In the past, breadfruit flowers were considered biological waste. The communities would collect the flowers to turn into compost. However, now the flowers have created an economic opportunity for these villages. By using the breadfruit flowers, we are preserving the natural integrity of the food crop since it doesn’t require cutting or destructing of the actual tree.

Choosing to shop sustainably doesn’t just impact you. By specifically choosing to buy sustainable products for your friends and family it increases the likelihood that those individuals will also start paying attention to their consumer choices moving forward - creating a domino effect of awareness and action.

Lastly, as we continue to make more sustainable choices in our shopping habits, it encourages big name brands who are not currently making sustainable products to start doing so in order to keep up with the demand and keep their existing customers happy. As sustainability becomes more of an important factor for consumers, it will continue to make a bigger and bigger positive impact on our planet.

So, if everyone were to make just a few small changes this holiday season, we would collectively make a big impact. You can find many sustainable gift ideas for the whole family in our Holiday Gift Guide on our website.

Other ways to make a positive environmental impact over the holiday season:
1. Buy a small potted evergreen instead of one that has been cut down and plant it in the springtime.
2. Invest in low-energy, long-lasting Christmas lights or avoid using them all together.
3. Send e-cards instead of printed cards.
4.  Instead of opting for the traditional store-bought wrapping paper and bows, try using recycled paper and natural elements from around the house. Take a look at this DIY wrapping that we used on some of our holiday products. We even added a candy cane and an InflorEssence Lip Balm to give the packing a little more personalization.

Happy Holidays!