Introducing Our New Plumping Balm


This week marks the launch of a brand new product here at Altilis Beauty and it’s just in time for the holiday season. Introducing our Plumping Balm! This colourless Plumping Balm contains a rich combination of natural, stimulating ingredients that will help to plump and hydrate your lips for a full, voluminous look.

As we age, our body’s natural production of collagen begins to deplete. This depletion of collagen is what inevitably causes visible changes in your body including the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles and the thinning of your lips. Finding ways to combat low collagen levels in your skin such as fillers and injections can be overwhelming, costly and invasive. However, adding a plumping balm to your routine is an easy, harmless and cost effective solution to thinning lips. The plumping ingredient in our Plumping Balm is cinnamon leaf extract, which is completely harmless, non-invasive and as an added bonus, smells fantastic! When applied to your lips, the cinnamon leaf extract stimulates your lips and causes them to appear fuller and plumper, helping to counteract the appearance of thinner lips. And in addition to that, the remainder of the ingredients in our Plumping Balm are all natural, organic and plant based, which will provide your lips with an extra dose of hydration and nutrients while the plumping balm does its job. Apply our Plumping balm underneath your favourite lipstick, or wear it by itself for the au naturel look! The breadfruit flower extract in our formula will give your lips a natural glow and shimmer – perfect for any occasion!

We are so excited that we were able to launch our Plumping Balm before the holidays because we know that it will be the perfect stocking stuffer for moms, daughters and friends alike! Find it in our shop.