Treat Your Skin This Halloween

Halloween is a time for indulgences. Too much candy, tasty treats, late night fun and over-the-top costumes are all pretty much guaranteed on this one night of the year. However, what you may not be considering in the moment is that all of these indulgences can also impact your skin. One of the biggest factors contributing to post-Halloween breakouts and irritation is not taking the time to treat your skin before and after Halloween. So, let’s be proactive this Halloween and keep our skin looking radiant and fresh with these helpful tips.

Prep Your Skin
Just like any daily makeup routine, prepping your face before applying any Halloween makeup is a must. Certain makeup products can sometimes have the effect of drying out your skin, so it’s important to prep your skin prior to applying any cosmetic products to counteract any drying agents and irritants. Additionally, the fall is often cooler and drier than other seasons, and therefore it’s important to give your skin an extra dose of hydration and moisture every day, regardless of if it’s Halloween or not.

First cleanse your face to remove any leftover makeup, dirt, impurities or bacteria from the day before. Secondly use a serum that will provide your skin with an oil-base that will allow your moisturizer to absorb more effectively into the skin. Lastly, apply your moisturizer. Make sure you let your face rest for several minutes so that the product has time to fully absorb into your skin before you start applying makeup.

Use Good Quality Products
Halloween makeup can absolutely wreak havoc on your skin if you tend to opt for drugstore or even dollar store Halloween makeup kits. Most Halloween makeup is made inexpensively and often consist of bad quality products and ingredients. So, instead of immediately grabbing for Halloween makeup kits, try getting creative with the makeup that you use every day. Not only will you save money by not having to buy a kit, but more importantly, using your own makeup will help to prevent irritation and breakouts because you already know how the products react to your skin. Here are some really amazing costumes and makeup ideas for doing your own Halloween makeup at home.

Wash Your Face Before Bed
This one is an absolute essential. No matter how late you stay out or how tired you are from a full day and night of Halloween activities, you must remember to remove your makeup and wash your face before bed. This is especially true if you are wearing face paint or any other Halloween makeup products for your costume. Leaving your makeup on can leave your skin looking dull, irritated and damaged. Additionally, leaving your makeup on will leave your face much more prone to blemishes and breakouts. Try using our Complete Skincare System for a 3 step system that will restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier and give you a youthful, radiant and healthy glow.  

Treat Your Skin With A Mask
Using a post-Halloween face mask is a must for us! Even if you don’t see any blemishes or irritation at night, that doesn’t mean that it won’t appear in the morning. To deeply nourish and cleanse your skin, opt for an acne-targeted or clarifying mask such as our InflorEssence Clarifying Gel Mask. And just remember that even if you’re tired and don’t feel like spending the time on a mask late at night, the 20 minutes you may spend on a face mask during your nighttime routine may be the difference between you waking up on November 1st with a breakout or not.

Get Back on Track With Your Meals
Everyone knows how tempting it can be to reach for that second, third or fourth piece of candy on Halloween…. especially when that giant bowl of Peanut Butter Cups is just sitting there at the front door calling your name. However, all the candy combined with the inevitable pizza delivery that often falls on a busy Halloween night can really make an impact on your complexion. Once the Halloween craze is over, it’s really important to get your meals back on track to start healing your skin from the inside out. Focusing on eating healthy, nutrient-rich, skin healthy foods is a great way to combat your breakouts and irritations.