15 Things You Should Know About Our CEO

Like most great things out there, Altilis Beauty started as an opportunity combined with a vision. But not just any vision… it started with a vision to help people while also helping to protect and preserve our planet. That’s a big undertaking. However, if you’ve met our Founder and CEO Kenna Whitnell, you’ll know that this is exactly what she intends to do, and that she has the passion and ambition to make it happen! If you haven’t had the chance to meet her yet, read along to find out 15 facts that you should know about our CEO, straight from Kenna herself:


1. I am working on obtaining my aromatherapist certification. I have always had a passion for aromatherapy and I know that no matter how busy I get, I should always dedicate time to work towards those things that I am passionate about.

2. I lived in BC for 8 months during a research term at the University of British Columbia. This is where and how I was first introduced to breadfruit (the main active ingredient found in our entire product line).

3. I have an adorable dog named Jasper! He is the sweetest and everyone who meets him loves him.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 2.12.14 PM.png

4. I absolutely love to be outdoors. Every spare chance that I get I spend outside on hikes. That’s likely where you’ll find me on a Sunday afternoon.

5. One of my favourite quotes is: “It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting” - Paulo Coelho

6. Annie Leibovitz is someone who I really admire. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she’s an American portrait photographer. She inspired me from a young age to follow my passions and look at the world through many different perspectives.

7. Everything I know about applying makeup I learned from YouTube.

8. If I didn’t own my own business, I would love to be a researcher for the Natural Health Product industry.

9. In grade 12 I almost decided to go to school for art instead of science. Instead I chose to make art my passion and science my career.

10. I started my first business in high school making hippie pants and jewelry.

11. I was a competitive dancer when I was a kid and I was given the amazing opportunity to  compete on team Canada. We won bronze at worlds in Germany!

12. I started making my own skincare products when I was 14.

13. The words "grow your own food, make your own future" changed my outlook on life during my teenage years.

14. My favourite Disney character as a kid was Eeyore, from Winnie the Pooh.

15. The last book I read was the Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert.