Our Commitment to Waste Reduction

This week is Waste Reduction Week in Canada and as a sustainable, eco-friendly company, this particular week means a lot to us. As a country, we have come a long way in the past few decades on the path to waste reduction and sustainability. This week provides a great opportunity to recognize the achievements we have made and to collectively and individually find ways to create and encourage positive change in the future. For us as a company, that means trying our best to uphold and maintain sustainable and waste free practices every day. Not only do we choose to conduct our business using eco-friendly practices, but we also ensure that we consciously choose ingredients for our products that are not only good for your skin but also are good for the environment. Here are some of the ways that we consciously reduce waste at Altilis Beauty:

  1. We generate little to no waste when we are making our products. We use precise calculations to determine the needed quantities of each batch that we make.

  2. In the process of making our breadfruit flower extract we use ethanol which can be reused for future extractions producing no waste.

  3. We use airless pump containers for most of our packages to ensure that our customers are able to use every last drop of our products before needing to re-purchase. As you use the product, the pump mechanism condenses the size of the internal chamber so that it holds just enough space for the remaining product. This ensures that you will be able to use the product until it is completely gone.

  4. The boxes that we use for our products are made from 100% recycled material.

  5. Our containers are 100% recyclable and are reusable. Most of our products are under 100 mL which means that they are airplane friendly and are a great container to use for your shampoo and conditioner while on vacation. See here for ways to reuse the packaging.

  6. We use sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients to make sure that we are preserving the natural beauty of the world with each ingredient that we source. For example, the breadfruit flowers that we use are a very sustainable ingredient for skincare for a number of reasons. In the past, breadfruit flowers were considered agricultural waste and the communities would collect the flowers to turn into compost. However, now the flowers are being collected and used for our skincare products. Additionally, by using the breadfruit flowers, we are preserving the natural integrity of the food crop since it doesn’t require cutting or destructing of the actual tree.

  7. We ship our products using recycled boxes and recycled packing to reduce the amount of waste that we generate on a daily basis.

  8. We also do our absolute best to maintain a paperless office. In fact, other than recycled paper scraps, you won’t find a single sheet of new paper in our entire facility!  

As our business continues to grow, we will continue to find ways to reduce waste and our environmental impact. There’s only one Earth so let’s all do our part to take care of it!