Introducing our InflorEssence Clarifying Gel Mask

Over the last couple months we have been very busy here at Altilis Beauty! We are always working very hard to bring you the widest selection of plant-based, science backed and sustainable beauty essentials. We are still buzzing about the launch of our BFF Liquid Foundation last month! Not only is it exciting to share a new product with our community, but it also marked the start of our journey into colour cosmetics products! Since then, we’ve all been working in overdrive so that we could share this NEW project with you this week! We have wanted to release a mask for a long time now and we are so happy that we are finally able to do so. Introducing our InflorEssence Clarifying Gel Mask!

This mask is specially formulated to target irritated and textured areas on your face with a powerful combination of hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and breadfruit flower extract. The Lactic Acid targets and reduces the appearance of: acne, redness, and texture on your skin. Lactic acid is a chemical exfoliant, and falls into the category of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). It is formulated into this mask at 10% which makes product this an excellent addition to your skincare routine for removing dead skin cells, revealing the next layer of skin and making pores appear smaller. The Hyaluronic Acid helps to hydrates and plump your skin while the exfoliating is taking place. Lastly, the Breadfruit Flower Extract contains antioxidant, soothing and protective properties which are essential for skin health. Using this mask will help to exfoliate, hydrate and revitalize your skin. It will instantly leave you looking fresher and younger.

One of the best parts about this mask is that it’s very versatile and a little goes a LONG way! You can either use it as a 30 minute face mask at night prior to the serum and moisturizing step, as an overnight mask or as a spot treatment for any problem areas on your face (like a brand new, pesky pimple that just popped up on the day before a big event!). We recommend using a dime-sized amount two or three times a week after you have cleansed your face at night time. Please note that if you are using the InflorEssence Clarifying Gel Mask as an overnight mask then you should skip the serum and moisturizing step for that particular night. However, one very important thing to remember when using this mask is that lactic acid makes your skin more sensitive to UV radiation. This is why we highly recommended that you wear sun protection and limit your sun exposure for one week after use.

Also, it’s never too early to start thinking about useful and cost effective gifts! We know it’s only October but the holiday season sneaks up on you faster than you think! This gel mask makes the perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift. Also, if you’re looking for some other holiday ideas, our ECZTREMA Hand Cream, Breadfruit Body Butter and InflorEssence Lip Balm make perfect gifts for your friends and family too!